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About our Client: 

BDA was founded in 1984 with two friends cold-calling the NFL to try and sell jerseys.  Today they create over $600 million dollars in revenue and are on track to hit $1 Billion by 2026.  This dynamic and innovative supply chain/operations team is constantly on the cutting edge of technology to service clients in e-commerce and branded merchandise. They partner with Fortune 1000 companies worldwide and every major U.S. sports league and team.  Many clients include Coca-Cola, Sony, AT&T, Nike, Macy’s, Orange Theory, Home Depot, Ford, Starbucks, GE, Kellogg’s, HBO, NFL, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, and many more.


Nxt Level has come alongside BDA as a partner to help build their team in the areas of HR, Supply Chain, Imports, Merchandising, IT, and C-Suite.   This case study covers all positions that we have filled to date.

Chief Information Officer

This position was needed to deliver a digital transformation to improve the e-commerce side of the company.  Nxt Level secured a candidate that had experience in guiding tech transformations and strategy and had built teams to revolutionize technology solutions. 


Sourced by Nxt Level- 131

Internally Screened by Nxt Level- 24

Submitted to Client- 12

Interviewed by Client- 9

Placed - 1

SVP of Supply Chain

BDA was in search of a candidate that comes from a background with overseas supplier relationships with sourcing and vendor contacts.  Nxt Level secured a person with experience in apparel, modern data analytics, and experience that was able to build a robust buying team that handles national and international vendors and created a decentralized procurement network.


Sourced by Nxt Level - 303

Internally Screened by Nxt Level - 53

Submitted to Client - 18

Interviewed by Client- 6

Placed -1

Head of Supply Chain

Nxt Level was set with the task to find a candidate with apparel experience with modern data analytics and business intelligence experience able to build a robust buying team handling national and international and creating a decentralized procurement network.


Sourced by Nxt Level- 117

Internally Screened by Nxt Level - 13

Submitted to Client - 6

Interviewed by Client- 4

Placed - 1

Import Director 

BDA discovered there was a need for a position to be created for a new team member with an abundance of experience in the textile industry in developing and sourcing operations.


Due to the quality of candidates that had been researched and submitted by Nxt Level, the BDA team felt they had already met the perfect candidate and offered the position to a person that had been submitted for another role.  


SVP of HR - Chief HR Officer

This position was needed to own all HR enterprises across the board with experience in talent, benefits, mergers & acquisitions, facility management, and executive and employee training.  The person hired for this position has increased the division’s revenue by 50%, streamlined the onboarding benefits, and improved internal reviews and morale. 


Sourced by Nxt Level - 130

Internally Screened by Nxt Level- 23

Submitted to Client- 9

Interviewed by Client - 4

Placed - 1


Director of IT Operations

This position in information technology needed experience with service desk operation and the ability to manage a team while being hands-on daily.  Nxt Level found this person with experience in information security, and PCI compliance as well. 


Sourced by Nxt Level- 135

Internally Screened by Nxt Level - 48

Submitted to the Client - 6

Interviewed by Client- 3

Placed - 2


DVP of Digital Product Management

BDA needed a new team member to spearhead a new-generation e-commerce and digital commerce platform.  We delivered a new member that was able to lead and manage B2B & B2C products and tech teams to grow this first-generation product for BDA. 


Sourced by Nxt Level- 57

Internally Screened by Nxt Level - 15

Submitted to Client - 6

Interviewed by Client- 4

Placed - 1

Director of Merchandising

BDA was needing a new director that could push the team to think outside the box in terms of new catalog and merchandising items for new and existing clients.  Nxt Level’s placement developed trend analysis, forecasts, and new products for clients. 


Sourced by Nxt Level - 74

Screened by Nxt Level- 14

Submitted to Client - 7

Interviewed by Client - 3

Placed - 1


E-commerce Project Manager  

This new project manager oversees the end-to-end of new e-commerce platforms to support merchandising and develop and manage all projections for some of the nation’s most recognizable brands. 


Sourced by Nxt Level - 135

Internally Screened by Nxt Level - 15

Submitted to Client- 6

Interviewed by Client - 3

Placed - 1


Network Engineer

BDA needed an engineer to own the corporate network infrastructure.  We placed a candidate that was able to take on this task and create a new vision for client systems. 


Sourced by Nxt Level - 340

Internally Screened by Nxt Level- 24

Submitted to Client- 15

Interviewed by Client- 7

Placed - 1


HR Coordinator

With BDA massively scaling, they needed to find a coordinator that could step in and work side by side with the HR team.  Our candidate was able to hit the ground running and lighten the load of the organization process of onboarding and candidate experience. 


Sourced by Nxt Level- 56

Internally Screened by Nxt Level - 12

Submitted to Client - 4

Interviewed by Client - 4

Placed - 1


What BDA’s Director of Recruiting, Lynn Sanders has to say about Nxt Level. 


Why did you choose to work with Nxt Level?


I really don't work with very many agency partners because I like to work with a partner that meets certain criteria. And for me with Nxt Level they did. So what I look for is somebody that I can rely on, somebody that is really good at communicating where they're at in the process, and ultimately, somebody that can deliver really good quality candidates. And to be quite truthful, I've been in this business a long time, and agency partners really can be hit or a mess.  I think that's why I don't like to use too many, I like to use just quality few. And that's where Nxt Level fits in.


What sets Nxt Level apart for you?

Think in any relationship, business or otherwise, you want to feel like you have a connection to the people that you're working with. You know, we have something in the company that I work for in a partnership, and we sort of define it as a friendship. What that really means is that, that that relationship for that person knows you as well as you know yourself, right, that they have your back, that they are looking out for you, and that they are making sure they're making decisions that are you know, based in your best interest.


I think Nxt Level is really good at that. And they're really good at forming a relationship and staying on a cadence for the recruitment process that is reasonable.  I feel like Nxt Level handles everything very professionally from that regard, and is making sure that they're working within the constraints of my schedule. And I really appreciate that. That really has always been one of the things that stood out about Nxt Level to me is that they have formed a relationship that is based on trust and mutual needs being met. And I know I can count on them. And you know, they've always been one of the top agencies that I work with. If not the top agency. Let me just say they're the top agency.







Candidate Testimonials 

Nxt Level reached out to me out of the blue to explore a role that they felt matched my background. I was hesitant at first. I have found that sometimes recruiters assume a match and they have not really taken the time to bump a candidate’s skills up with the job description before reaching out thus wasting everyone’s time. Plus, I was not familiar with the company. Fortunately, I accepted their request for a conversation and am now two weeks into a job that fits my background like a glove. Thank you Nxt Level!

As is typical, these things can take time and the whole process was about two months. Nxt Level kept me informed, shared feedback and offered support the entire time. I really enjoyed having them managing the experience. They were professional, extremely knowledgeable about the company and culture, not afraid to say they did not have a specific answer, and really interested in what type of role would make me happy.

If you get the chance to work with Nxt Level, take it. They are genuine and committed to finding the right fit for both the company and the candidate.

 -  Amy Pinker - Director of Merchandising, November 15, 2020.


I had the pleasure of working with Nxt Level recently and found them to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. Not only did they do an impressive job screening, they were also very knowledgeable about the role he was filling and were able to answer all of my questions. Their follow-up was also superb. They quickly responded to emails/texts and always called when they said they would. I would highly recommend working with Nxt Level if you are looking to hire or looking for your next role!

Casey Goddard - VP, Digital Product Management & Technology, November 11, 2020.






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