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Lead Combat Designer - Counterplay Games

About our Client

Counterplay Games is a AAA independant gaming studio based in California. They’re a fully remote studio with a mission ‘to create something different, something more—something that could be played in minutes, something to be enjoyed for a lifetime.’  Their first console release title, Godfall, was a PlayStation 5 launch exclusive that eventually was released for PS4 and Xbox a year later.

The Challenge

Counterplay Games was in urgent need of a Lead Combat Designer for their latest project. They needed someone who could build an encounter system from scratch and create engaging, challenging, and visceral enemies for the players. With a focus on ARPG combat, Counterplay required someone with extensive knowledge about 3D action combat games, action RPGs, or tactical shooters.

Nxt Level was tasked with finding the perfect candidate who not only had the technical skills to script in-engine for shooter specific missions and encounters, but also had a passion for developing animation lists, frame timings, move lists, and an intuitive, analytical sense for creating enemies that would challenge players.

We searched for the perfect candidate, who not only spoke and dreamed about combat systems, mechanics, and enemies, but also had extensive experience in the field. After a thorough search, we found the ideal candidate who met all the criteria and was ready to take on the challenge. The candidate was a seasoned professional with a passion for combat design, who had worked on several successful titles in the past.

The Results

Candidates Sourced: 139

Candidates Screened: 11

Sent to Client: 6

Candidates placed with Counterplay Games: 1


Computer Games



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