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Mercury - VP of Customer Success

About our Client

Mercury Business Services is a Boston-based shipping and logistics organization. Founded in 1984 to provide flexible shipping and high-level tracking for top law firms in Boston, they quickly realized that proactive tracking and troubleshooting providing advanced information allowed clients to better plan, while they focused on their shipping. In addition to Boston, they have also added physical office locations in New York City and Chicago.

The Challenge

Mercury Business Services was looking for a motivated VP of Global Customer Success that would oversee the client support, technical support and warehousing and logistics services organizations. This is to ensure streamlined and exceptional customer service in every step of the customer journey. The person in this role would require the ability to analyze business practices, methods, and strategies to improve their team’s interactions with customers. The VP’s goal is to ensure that the overall trust and impression in the company is greatly improved while spearheading changes in the products and services teams to create the ideal experience.

The greatest challenge for Mercury was finding someone who could bring a new energy to the shipping and logistics industry. Mercury partnered with Nxt Level which allowed them access to a wide candidate pool and more time to focus on improving across other areas of the company. Nxt Level was able to find a VP of Global Success that would help revamp their customer success division and meet with new clients for a more ‘high touch’ approach.

The Results

Candidates Sourced: 60

Candidates Screened: 9

Sent to Client: 3

Candidates placed with Mercury: 1


Shipping and Logistics



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