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Treehouse Games - Tools Programmer

About our Client

Treehouse Games is a small indie studio based out of Los Angeles, California. They’re dedicated to building collaborative games that help players share memorable experiences and deepen their friendships. They are combining genres and creating accessible service-based games for a growing, global audience of players who use games as their favorite way to hang out.

The Challenge

The Tools Programmer at Treehouse Games will enhance their development capacity through tooling, process, and automation. An ideal candidate will effectively prioritize team needs and decide which technologies will level up their game production. This person must have experience working with multiple teams, including designers, programmers, and artists. They’ll need to understand each team’s needs to increase content creation and production health. After everything stated above, the candidate needed to have experience enhancing the development experience of Unreal Engine 4.

Treehouse found it important that this employee was passionate about building cooperative games while keeping an open mind and providing a fresh perspective to the development process.

The Minimum Requirements

  • 4+ years experience in the gaming industry.

  • Demonstrated contributions to tools development for at least one game through it's production life cycle.

  • Confident familiarity with common game development tools (e.g. Blender, Perforce, Jenkins, etc.).

The Results

Candidates Sourced by Nxt Level: 141

Candidates Screened by Nxt Level: 6

Candidates Submitted to Client by Nxt Level: 2

Offers delivered and accepted by Treehouse Games: 1

Daniel Gillies is the new Senior Tools Programmer for Treehouse Games


Computer Games



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