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Design Director - Traega Entertainment


Founded in 2015 out of Nashville,TN by Dax Hock, Traega Entertainment is an independent video game studio known for titles such as “Brig 12” and “Aegis Decent”.  They’ve built a smaller but talented team with decades of experience from Blizzard, Bethesda, Firaxis, High Voltage, and more. 


Nxt Level partnered with Traega Entertainment to find a Design Director that would be tasked with creating engaging and new gameplay experiences from the ground up. The person in this role would be responsible for leading a team of level and systems designers to bring cohesion to the world, the content, and the narrative of their game. 

Traega Entertainment is primarily an in-office studio, which required Nxt Level to find and recruit talent outside of the Nashville area due to the small game development community in the area. Due to this being an indie studio without a fully developed title to show, this became a challenge for them to attract enough talent to move to the Nashville area. Nxt Level was able to coordinate with the candidate to have them see the concepts and facilitate a trip to the Nashville area to see the studio and game in person. 

On top of getting the candidate to agree to move to Nashville, Nxt Level and Traega also had to compete with offers from both EA and Bungie. This candidate has since been promoted to Creative Director and is leading a team of designers to build out their next AAA title.  


Candidates Sourced: 85

Candidates Screened: 5

Sent to Client: 2

Placed: 1



Computer Games



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