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Machine Learning Researcher - Rapid Robotics

About our Client: 

Rapid Robotics’ mission is to provide manufacturers with a robotic solution that can be deployed against simple tasks in hours rather than weeks, and at a fraction of the cost of other automation solutions that require extensive manual programming. Their product is a fully integrated robotic arm work cell that is trained to perform tasks out of the box, and learns new tasks via our cloud infrastructure, AI, and Computer Vision.

The Challenge: 

A Machine Learning Researcher at Rapid Robotics was tasked with assisting in the design, development, and testing of deep learning algorithms for computer vision and robot control. Nxt Level was tasked with finding a candidate with Machine Learning and Data Science skills. Rapid Robotics needed someone who could communicate with customers and perform A/B tests experiment with computer vision data in real world warehouse environments that cause problems. This person wasn’t just a part of research and development, but taking real-time customer feedback and implementing it into future models.


Candidates Sourced: 170

Candidates Screened: 20

Sent to Client: 9

Candidates placed with Rapid Robotics: 1



Automation Machinery




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