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Product Marketing Manager - Relo Metrics

About our Client: 

Relo Metrics is a leader in sponsorship analytics. Sports teams sell hundreds of millions of dollars each in sponsorships every year, with brands investing upwards of tens of millions or more across the globe. In a world that is now driven by analytics, there is more scrutiny than ever to understand where every dollar is spent and what the return on investment looks like. Using technology-enabled analysis, they provide the most comprehensive, automated, and accurate measurement software to value sponsorship. Sports teams can now provide a 360 degree view of how their sponsors get value across every digital medium, and brands can measure who drives their highest return on investment.

The Challenge: 

As Relo Metrics was looking to expand, they needed to bring someone in that could work with clients to determine how customers were using their products, identify areas of opportunity, become the internal evangelist to provide “experience shares” with the sales and customer success teams. Nxt Level was tasked with finding a candidate that had experience with go-to-market strategies for new products and feature updates. Relo Metrics also needed someone who had experience working in a B2B marketing environment, specifically in sponsorship management so that they could establish a clear and objective understanding of their client’s needs.


Candidates Sourced: 310

Candidates Screened: 10

Sent to Client: 4

Candidates placed with Relo Metrics: 1



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