RaaS Model

Amazing people, powerful technology, and a proven track record make Nxt Level a leader in delivering technology, recruiting, and sales talent.

RaaS - Recruiting-as-a-Service

We can help you build your recruiting and sourcing strategy teams with our Recruiting-as-a-Service model: 

You need talent now, but your recruiting model isn’t keeping up or is broken. So, which comes first? We offer a parallel approach to help accelerate your recruiting and hiring process while at the same time addressing any bigger issues impacting your growth. When time is not on your side, our team can jump in, prioritize, and get started right away to:

  • Hire quickly to add bandwidth to your company. We can drop in a full recruiting team or offer a part-time recruiting option. All of our build and scale offerings can be dialed up or down as needed to meet your ever changing talent acquisition needs.

  • Jump in mid-stream to manage active requisitions and your active candidate pipeline without missing a beat.

  • Dramatically build on or begin a pipeline of qualified candidates through Research and Sourcing support or full life-cycle recruiting.


Foundational Recruiting Practice

We enable you to bring recruiting the next level: 

We enable you to build a modern Recruiting Practice Infrastructure from the ground up with or without our Scale recruiting services option. For a day one startup or a more established company, we can:

  • Evaluate, implement, and configure a new or replacement applicant tracking system

  • Identify your employer brand and build it into all candidate-facing materials

  • Write or rewrite your job description templates incorporating your employer brand

Build or rebuild your career page

  • Build your passive candidate outreach messages for you to recruit on your own

  • Create a recruiting strategy and plan customized to your company and hiring need

Recruiting Efficiency Assement

Are you doing what it takes to win top talent? 

This deep-dive assessment of your current Hiring Ecosystem identifies strengths, weaknesses, and untapped opportunities in your:

  • Employee culture and sentiment

  •  Hiring Process and operation

  •  Candidate and Hiring Funnel analysis from the first contact to onboarding

  •  Systems and tools

  •  Recruiting structure, skill sets, and gaps

  • Training, development, and coaching

  • Recruiter efficiency

  • Candidate and applicant metrics

  • Campaigns, career pages, and messaging

  • Turnover and retention issues impacting recruiting or culture overall

A Recruiting Efficiency Assessment can be done either as a standalone assessment or as a first step in a total recruitment recovery program. The assessment will identify and prioritize areas of greatest opportunity. We’ll compare what you’re doing now with our best-in-class customers that are already considered hiring machines.


Diversity Recruiting

We are the leaders in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Recruiting

Customized and reliable payroll services. For over a decade, Nxt Level has served as "Employer of Record" for temporary staff, contract labor or per diem employees recruited by our clients.
New hire paperwork, pre-employment screening, time sheet management and invoicing are done seamlessly, making it easy for your talent to complete the hiring process so they can get to the important stuff – the work you need done – faster!


Who Works Best with Us? 

Over the years, we've learned that our most successful and longest-lasting clients share a few things in common: 


  1. They’re committed to ethical, inclusive, and unbiased recruiting.

  2. They’re strategic and engage in big-picture thinking.

  3. They care about improving the candidate experience.

  4. They understand that real, sustainable change takes time and investment – especially in people.

  5. They embrace transparency and are willing to let us in to get to know their company and culture.

  6. They appreciate direct, candid conversations.

  7. They’re comfortable with the uncomfortable – embracing tough decisions, hard work, and change.

Some of these may seem difficult. Maybe impossible? We know people can feel uncomfortable exposing flaws in the system or changing how they’re used to working. But if you’re open to trying – we’d love to talk with you.