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VP of Product - Mercury Business Services

About our Client: 

Mercury Business Services is a Boston-based shipping and logistics organization. Founded in 1984 to provide flexible shipping and high-level tracking for top law firms in Boston, they quickly realized that proactive tracking and troubleshooting providing advanced information allowed clients to better plan, while they focused on their shipping. In addition to Boston and New England, they have also added physical office locations in New York City and Chicago.

The Challenge: 

Nxt Level partnered with Mercury to find a VP of Product to help modernize and scale to attract new clientele.This person would be expected to come in and learn everything about the product, company, competitors, vendors, and market so that they can plan out the current product roadmap and provide needed changes if necessary. 

Axon’s biggest challenge was finding highly skilled engineers that could pass their Systems Design interview. They also needed someone with a consulting mindset that could speak to engineers and product management. Nxt Level was able to find a candidate that had that mindset as well as the technical expertise to match.


Candidates Sourced: 82

Candidates Screened: 8

Sent to Client: 3

Candidates placed: 1



Shipping and Logistics



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