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BDA, LLC - DVP of Supply Chain

About our Client

BDA is the country’s premier promotional merchandising agency. Founded in 1984, they’ve grown to work with Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, including every major sports team in the US.

Their customers come to them to build their brand reach through the power of retail merchandise, eCommerce programs, corporate promotions, and entertainment sponsorships. BDA’s mission is to create unique, custom solutions to drive revenue growth.

The Challenge

The DVP of Global Supply Chain at BDA will lead and manage a team of 55+, supporting a world-class supply chain network. The goal of this position is to create current and future strategies that will improve the overall flow of their network.

As BDA moves toward a $1 Billion dollar valuation, they will be required to work on a global scale. They need high-level employees to own global promotions, and factory relationships in countries like China, Egypt, Vietnam, and more that are focused on material goods. Our client was focused on bringing in an executive that could continue to build their supply chain team, as well as bring fresh ideas and perspectives as to how they can streamline and improve their network.

The Minimum Requirements

  • 15+ total years of experience

  • Expertise in Business Intelligence

  • Experience and understanding of Data Analytics

  • Experience with supply chain sourcing and vendor/contract negotiation

The Results

Candidates Sourced by Nxt Level: 309

Candidates Screened by Nxt Level: 55

Candidates Submitted to Client by Nxt Level: 18

Offers delivered and accepted by BDA: 1

Abby Allen is the new DVP of Global Supply Chain at BDA, LLC.





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