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Deliverr - Senior Backend Engineer

About our Client

Deliverr is an E-commerce fulfillment company based in the United States of America. They integrate with eCommerce marketplaces, such as Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Wish, and BigCommerce, offering two-day shipping to merchants selling on Walmart's online marketplace, and similar services with other online marketplaces.

The Challenge

Nxt Level was an early partner with Deliverr before Shopify successfully acquired them in 2022. Fresh on the heels of their series D Deliverr was desperate for Staff and Senior Level Backend Engineers highly skilled in Typescript, Javascript, Java, and Python.

Access to a passive talent pool allowed Nxt Level to fill Deliverrs Senior Backend Engineering roles in just three weeks. These Engineers have gone on to help reinvent fulfillment by designing, developing, testing, and deploying pragmatic software.

Nxt Level also ensured that all candidates aligned with Deliverrs' mission of helping and enabling small and medium-sized merchants left behind by Amazon delight their customers with fast and cost-effective fulfillment.

The Minimum Requirements

  • 4+ years in a similar position

  • Prior experience in Supply Chain, Fulfillment, Logistics, Shipping and Warehouse technologies

  • Machine learning, operations research and optimization, developing large software systems, logistics & fulfillment industry, pricing algorithms, shipping technology.

The Results

Candidates Sourced by Nxt Level: 387

Candidates Screened by Nxt Level: 5

Candidates Submitted to Client by Nxt Level: 3

Offers delivered and accepted by Deliverr: 1

Eugen Burianov is Deliverr’s Senior Backend Engineer


Shipping and Logistics



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