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Harebrained Schemes - Senior Tools Engineer

About our Client: 

Founded in 2011, Harebrained Schemes is known for its award-winning Shadowrun and Battletech series that combines exciting tactical gameplay with nuanced and engaging stories. Acquired by Paradox Interactive in 2018, HBS has grown to support two full project teams.

The Challenge: 

The Senior Tools Programmer at Harebrained Schemes was tasked with designing and implementing software tools that fit the needs of the lead engineer and multiple different content creation groups within the company. This included the specific candidate needing to understand and fully utilize the Unity game engine. This was crucial as the candidate would need to create and maintain Unity Editor enhancements for the sound, design, and environment teams that would allow the team to progress further into the development process.

The minimum requirements: 

  • Focused experience with developing tools for a large team.

  • Experience with C# programming​

  • Experience with Unity​

  • Proficiency with 3rd party tools and middleware solutions for design, art, animation, and audio.

The Results: 

Candidates Source by Nxt Level: 278

Candidates Screen by Nxt Level: 18

Candidates Submitted to Client by Nxt Level: 9

Offers delivered and accepted by Harebrained Schemes: 1 



Computer Games



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